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About River City Independent Study

About Independent Study

River City High School Independent Study is a 7TH-12TH grade school in the Washington Unified School District. Independent Study is an alternative to regular classroom instruction consistent with the district's course of study(A-G).  All who participate in Independent Study shall do so on a voluntary basis and no student shall be required to participate in Independent Study.


Instead of attending traditional classes, I/S students receive instruction, get assignments, and review work at weekly meetings with subject area teachers in English, math, and social science. Students also have a supervisory teacher who oversees their attendance, maintains contact with parents/guardians, and coordinates with the subject area teachers. Students are required to complete 30-35 hours of work each week. 


The primary objective of I/S is to offer a means of individualizing the educational plan for students whose needs may be best met through study outside of the traditional classroom setting. Students most likely to benefit from independent study are:

  •  Students who have certain learning styles which are not particularly well suited for a highly structured classroom but,      nonetheless, wish to advance their education through an alternative approach.
  •  Specialized students – students that have time-consuming outside activities, such as sports, music, or drama and performing  arts, may find that the flexibility and adaptability of independent study schedule can accommodate their special needs.
  •  Students who might otherwise drop out -Many young people find that the traditional high school program prevents them from entering “real life” fast enough. They want to combine working and specialized study with their education. Many students drop out because they feel unsupported or disconnected in a regular school setting. River City Independent Study can, in many cases, offer these students the opportunity of studying independently at home, at their own pace, and at a time which is convenient for them.

Independent Study may be offered to students 18-19 years of age only if they have been continuously enrolled in school since their 18th birthday.

Entrance Criteria for WSIS


Because much of the responsibility for learning falls on the independent study student, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Score Basic or above on both the ELA and Math sections of the current testing method. Students who score Below Basic in either content area qualify for conditional enrollment.  Conditional enrollment requires that the student attend a Lab class once a week to receive support in either/both Math or ELA.
  2. English Language Learner students must be classified at Intermediate or above on the CELDT
  3. Score of 8th grade level on the Gates-MacGinitie for secondary students, administered by River City.  For intermediate students a score of 6th grade level.
  4. Discipline record should be free of any major incidents within the last academic term.
  5. Students must have enough credits to be on track to graduate.


For a student to achieve success at West Sacramento School for Independent Study, it is necessary that s/he be able to demonstrate:

  • the desire to participate in an educational program which features an alternative instructional strategy consistent with the district’s course of study.
  •  the ability to be organized, self motivated and self-directed
  • the ability to work independently to complete assignments that meet grade level and course objectives (at the secondary level, in particular, students should be reading at 8th grade level in order to complete work assigned from textbooks and other supplemental reading materials)
  • the ability to establish regular attendance patterns for meetings scheduled with a teacher.
  • the ability to locate resources to support their learning.

 Any student who does not possess these abilities is unlikely to succeed in Independent Study.