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Attendance Policy

What if you have to be absent?

Due to strict state laws governing independent study schools, there are no excused absences.  If you are ill and unable to make your scheduled appointment, a parent or guardian must call your supervisory teacher in advance.  Since you have had a full week to finish your work (and it is rare to be sick for seven straight days), we will assume the majority of your work is complete. 

If absent, it is your responsibility to make arrangements to have your work delivered to your teachers, on the day of your scheduled appointment, by 8:15 a.m. for morning appointments and by 11:45 a.m. for afternoon appointments.   Please make sure all work is organized by subject and neatly labeled.  Your teachers will evaluate your work and write your new assignments.  You may then pick up your new assignment in the main office after 3:00 p.m.   

 Since a significant portion of your academic instruction occurs during your weekly visits, it is extremely important that you schedule appointments and vacations at times which do not interfere with your three-hour weekly appointment block.


A student’s continued enrollment at WSIS is based on keeping scheduled appointments as well as the hours of work completed. It is expected that students will complete 20- 30 hours of work each week. If a student does not complete his/her assignments or meet regularly with the teacher as expected, the following steps will be taken:

1. Verbal Warning – The first time that the student is tardy or has not completed an assignment, the teacher will warn the student that this is not acceptable.

2. First Warning Letter – If the student misses a meeting, continues to be tardy, or continues to fail to complete work, the teacher will complete a warning letter that will be mailed to the student’s home. At this point, the parent/guardian is also expected to attend the student's next supervisory meeting.

3. Second Letter and SST Meeting – If the student misses a second meeting with the teacher, is tardy to the meetings, or again fails to complete work, the teacher will complete a SST meeting letter. The letter will be mailed and include the date and time of the meeting.The parent/guardian is needs to attend the meeting; the supervisory teacher, all subject area teachers, the school counselor, and the director will also attend.  If at the meeting the student decides to continue enrollment, the SST attendees will draw up and sign a probationary contract.  The details of the contract and the effective time period (from two weeks to one semester) are left to the discretion of the administrator.

5. Failure to Meet for SST – If the parent/guardian or student fails to attend the SST meeting a final attempt will be made to contact the student and parent(s) to determine the reason for missing the meeting. The administrator will determine whether the student will be disenrolled based on that contact or if another meeting time will be scheduled.

6. Drop Letter – If a student is not meeting the probationary contract requirements, the teacher will notify the administrator, who will have a disenrollment letter mailed to the student’s home. Also, if a student and parent(s) fail to respond to a final contact letter within three days, a disenrollment letter will be mailed to the student’s home. The drop letter will indicate that the student has been dropped from WSIS and should enroll at their home school or the district continuation school.