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Math Resources

ALEKS Sites & Support

If you were able to download the ALEKS software to your home computer, use the following link:



To access the ALEKS program at the public library use the following link:



If you need Technical Support for the ALEKS program, use the following link:


Links to the Textbook Videos

To access the required online videos, go to the site at: go.hrw.com.   Scroll down to the BOTTOM LEFT of the screen and type in the letters and numbers that are printed in your text book.  Every math lesson has its own code.   

http:// www.go.hrw.com

Links to the California Content Standards for Mathematics

This is the link to the CA Content Standards for Mathematics. You can view the standards for each grade by clicking on the menu on the left hand side of the page.



If you are interested in the type of questions you will be asked on the California State Tests (CST) in Mathematics, you can view sample test questions at the following sites:




Algebra I



Algebra II